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Harvey Austin, founder of The Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery, is a philosopher-surgeon who has spent most of his adult life as a student of both personal and cultural transformation. He asserts that philosophers consider personal transformation to occur only in the spiritual, emotional or mental quadrants of our lives. He, however, has found that alteration of the physical quadrant via cosmetic surgery is a valid entry to transformation. Dr. Austin has spent years investigating the junction of cosmetic surgery with spirituality, focusing upon the post-surgical transformation that occurs in many patients. This dynamic insightfulness adds power and clarity to his writing.

Dr. Austin's ongoing inquiry into the meaning of what is required to live a powerful life, to be fully human, to live a life full of self expression and vitality, has led him on a twenty five year journey of personal and professional development.

"DISCOVERY!" A Thirty Year Retrospective
Dr. Austin, well-respected plastic surgeon, was recently honored with a one-man, one-day Art Show. Harvey Austin in his studio
The exhibition of Dr. Austin's work was held at The Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery, 1825 Samuel Morse Drive, Reston, Virginia, 20190.
During his 40 years as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Austin continuously sketched and caricatured the profiles of his colleagues, associates and other prominent and interesting people. More than 130 of these framed portraits will be available for purchase at the event. Woman Giving Birth to the World
Since retiring in 2004, he has become a full time sculptor in wood and ceramic. His wonderful figures and forms emerging fom the wood are moving and invite the viewer to touch and stroke their supple quality. Dr. Austin also creates high fired ceramic sculptures that emerge from soul.
Dr. Austin lives on the Eastern Shore near Ocean City MD with his wife Ellen. His work is displayed at The Regal Beast in Snow Hill. He has studios in Berlin, MD and Okeechobee, Florida.
He maintains a Delaware medical license. An article on Dr. Austin and his accomplishments in art was featured in 'Elan Magazine' in November 1999.

Our thanks to The Regal Beast Studio and Gallery, 302 Washington St, Snow Hill, Maryland, 21863 for sponsoring the show!
The exhibition was underwritten by Evo Bistro, 1313 Old Chain Bridge Road, McLean, VA and by 1st Portfolio, Inc, 8300 Boone Blvd., Vienna, VA.
Fifty percent of the net proceeds went to two outstanding charities: Search for Common Ground and Brain Injury Services.

THE AUSTIN-WESTON CENTER FOR COSMETIC SURGERY, is perhaps the largest and most innovative private center for cosmetic surgery in the United States...the web site contains a score or more of "before" and "after" photos illustrating various procedures available.

He is a major contributor to THE HUNGER PROJECT, dedicated to the sustainable end of hunger in the world. He has nine biological and adopted children and lives on the St. Martin River in Berlin, Maryland, with his wife, Ellen Tolliver.

Harvey is a published writer. This personal web site is designed to:

  1. Build a portal where his writings are available to support his three major commitments in the world: transforming cosmetic surgery, transforming aging and ending hunger.
  2. Engage in an ongoing and enriching inquiry with those of similar interests and commitments.
  3. Engender thinking and action which will impact the culture.
  4. Have fun in the process.

Some of Dr. Austin's publications, particularly the Classic Series, are also available, in modified form, on the web site of the Austin-Weston Center.

For more information, contact:

Harvey W. Austin, MD
Box 1470
Berlin MD 21811
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